Holds a Profound Symbolism in the Human Experience
We all know that a rose symbolizes a pristine identity and something synonymous with Love and goodness.
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Arudhra, where sacred traditions come alive. Explore our exquisite product category, carefully crafted for your spiritual journey. From enchanting Lamp Oil to pristine Pure Camphor, and captivating Diya Wicks, experience divine illumination, purity, and devotion with Arudhra’s sacred offerings. 

Arudhra Pooja Oil

Arudhra Synthetic Rose Water

Arudhra Pure Camphor

Arudhra Diya Wicks


About Us

Purity Perfected, Arudhra's Essence.

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Vaagai Organic Foods, a company driven by vision and innovation. We take immense pride in encompassing the esteemed brand Arudhra, known for crafting divine pooja products that inspire spiritual devotion.

At Vaagai Organic Foods, we understand the profound significance of sacred rituals and the need for products that enhance these experiences. Our range of offerings, including Pooja Oil, Pure Camphor, Synthetic Rose Water, and Diya Wicks are meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of divine connection and reverence.

Discover the Difference for Yourself

Enchanting Traditions


Step into a world of divine enchantment with our captivating product category, where sacred traditions come alive. Ignite your spiritual flame and elevate your rituals with our exquisite and authentic offerings.

Arudhra Lamp Oil

Arudhra Synthetic Rose Water

Arudhra Pure Camphor

Arudhra Diya Wicks

Client Experiences


Hear firsthand accounts of how Arudhra’s offerings have enriched worship rituals, creating sacred moments of enlightenment.